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Questions About How CBTI works?

Many people who suffer from insomnia have not heard the benefits of CBTI and up turning to medication or living with the hellish experience of limited sleeping permanently.

We’ve attempted to answer the most common questions we get about CBT-I.  If you can not find an answer in this FAQ section, contact us at


Does CBTI really work?

There’s no question that CBT-I is extremely effective. A 2015 review of over 20 different CBT-I trials found that on average across the studies, insomniacs who used CBT-I fell asleep faster by 20 minutes and spent 30 fewer minutes awake overall than those who didn’t. What makes CBT-I so uniquely effective, over sleeping pills and other remedies, is that it gets to the heart of the issues – the problematic attitudes and behaviors the patient has around sleep.

Do you accept payment plans?

We try to accomodate everyone. If you have financial concerns or restraints, do speak to our office about an alternative payment option.

Can I use my benefits to pay for this service?

Yes, if you are covered by a registered psychotherapist or psychologist you are welcome to ask for receipts under this designation.

Will you help me wean off my medication?

Yes, that is our goal. Part of our program is to help you diminish your use of meds so you can go to sleep without them.

Can I continue coaching with you after I start to sleep?

Absolutely, If you would like to take advantage to having the accountability of maintaining good mental and emotional health and believe ongoing coaching would be beneficial, speak to your counselor about this service.


What resources will I need to get started?

Once you are registered for our program, you will receive a manual and a sleep diary template.

How long will it take to work?

Our program is designed to be anywhere from 5-8 weeks. In this time frame, you should find relief from insomnia. If this is not the case, you will need to speak to your counsellor about the challenges and obstacles that is getting in the way of you falling or staying asleep.

Are your therapists specifically trained in CBT?

Yes, our therapist are fully qualified to offer these services. They all have a minimum of a masters level in either social work, psychology or education. They all have specific training in CBT and how it is to be used in treating insomnia.

When will my appointments be?

You will set up a time with your counsellor that you both can agree on. Our counsellor are really flexible and can work with you around work, family and other obligations.